TEDxStanleyPark 2018 features 12 speakers, 4 energizers, 3 TED Talk videos and 2 amplifiers:

Speakers – 12 live speakers deliver 8 to 18-minute talks that address humanity’s tough problems. These talks build awareness, trigger conversations that matter, power attitude shifts, lend support to worthy causes, provoke policy changes, stir political and social activism and launch movements that make a positive difference. These actions give legs to dreams of what could be and move the needle toward a better world.

Energizers – 4 x 4-minute fun-filled ‘energizers’ give attendees a physical and mental break from the talks. An ‘energizer’ is a short (5 minutes maximum) inter-active performance that distracts, engages and energizes the audience. It distracts because the energizer’s performance is disconnected from the Inspiring Brave Actions theme. It engages because participation is simple, easy and fun. It energizes because it requires the audience to do something physical.

TED Talk videos – 3 x 5-minute humorous TED Talk Videos are selected from a library of nearly 2,000 TED Talk Videos (

Amplifiers – Just as the printing press massively amplified the impact of authors, so the internet is massively amplifying the impact of speakers. The enabling technologies are webcasting/livestreaming and video. Both technologies empower viewers to watch our speakers’ talks for free on their computers, smartphones and TVs from any location in the world with an internet connection. TEDxStanleyPark will
Webcast / Livestream the Conference in real time, in high definition and for free and will upload our speakers’ talks and energizers’ performances to the TEDx YouTube channel – where they can be watched for free.