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Most of the primitive skills we will mention in this article can be used during camping or even in your backyard.   So the purpose of this article is to give you an idea of what you should expect and how you should be prepared just incase.   These ideas and strategies will help you survive if you are prepared prior.

Making Fire

Use a bow drill or hand drill to start a  a fire.  Its not easy, or simple.  But It’s not as simple as some of these videos make it out to be. I try and do it every time i go camping, a lot of often than not, I fail. There are plenty of variables that come in beginning a fire from friction like the wood you utilize, the development of the drill and your strength and stamina. This is one of those things that defiantly takes apply, so apply now while you have that lighter in your pocket.

Filtering Water

Many things can happen leaving us without a way to filter water and make it safe to drink. By learning the basics on how to filter water in a survival situation can take you a long way.   Water is dangerous because it can look clean but you can’t see all of the microorganisms like cryptosporidium or giardia.

Building Shelter

There are quite a few ways to make a wilderness shelter .  It can vary , from simple shelters to more complicated.  Once you learn how to build a shelter it will help you survive in the wild.

Land Navigation

Land navigation applies to wilderness setting also as urban settings. In the wilderness you won’t have any street signs or as several navigation options to decide on from, but it’s even as simple to lose your direction in a town especially if you’re attempting to avoid dangerous areas or hot spots.

Understanding direction and navigation can be the distinction between getting somewhere alive and finding yourself in a scenario you didn’t need to be in.

Hunting and Foraging

Learning the way to build snares, traps and primitive weapons will offer you better odds of finding dinner than just throwing a rock at something and crossing your fingers.

Even in urban areas there are still opportunity’s to catch small game. There are lakes, parks and different areas with wild animals. I wouldn’t recommend practicing these skills in the town though, you may get in some trouble with the local authorities.

There are wild edible around you no matter where you live. Doing a little analysis regarding what’s in your area and what time of year these wild edibles are available is information you can keep in your head and save for later.

Primitive tools and Weapons

I said it before, but I’ll say it once more, you may end up with nothing and then what? What would you are doing if you needed a hammer to make a shelter? What would you are doing if you found a good water supply but you didn’t have a container to put it in?

Using your vital thinking skills and knowing how to utilize the resources available to you given your scenario might end up to be priceless.

Knowing the way to create a bowl out of the resources around you or knowing the way to create a spear for fishing are just a couple of primitive skills you should be working on just in case of a disaster.

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