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Africa is known as the cradle to civilization. To survive in an African environment, you will have to have developed the right survival skills which will really surpass any skills learnt from other cultures outside Africa.

Even today, some African people still live off grid, following old ancient traditions taught from their forefathers and ancestors. You can learn a lot from the native ways.

These bushmen, do not have high-tech devices and technologies. If they have running water, electricity, or even reliable sources of food, it is the exception that can be taken from them at any moment by nature, warfare, terrorism, human perversion, and human greed.

Africans are born survivalists, and if you learn from them, you will find yourself the most ultimate survival guide, which is 100% African.

The three basics of survival learning is to learn how to get water, food and shelter. In that order.

To Find Water in the Wild

Since living without water is not possible for more than 2-3 days, you should start looking for water as a priority. In many urban areas of Africa, potable water scarcity is often caused by poor infrastructure and high density population. Deep in the jungle among ancient African tribes, finding water is easy for them. Jungles are considered “wet” places, by collecting rainwater comes as a no-brainer. Africans use the big leaves in the rainforest for collecting rain water (if any) or the morning dew in the worst case scenario. Use that idea to make your own strategy using a container to store rain or water or dew.

Another trick Africans use for getting potable water is to follow the tracks of wild animals which may lead to a nearby stream. Keep in mind that when you do find water, make sure you boil this water you have found so you can kill the parasites or bacteria which could be contaminating your water source. Other things you should do is to put the water you found in a clear plastic bottle and leave the water in the sun for a few hours. The UV rays from the sun will kill pathogens without increasing the concentration of heavy metals and other chemicals in the water. In the end, your best bet may still be distilling the water or using an evaporation system.

Another source you should know about , is the Green bamboo and certain species of jungle liana contain water inside, that you can drink safely. To find this source of water, you have to bend the top of the green bamboo tree 1ft off the ground, then tie it off and cut a couple of inches off the tip, place a receptacle underneath, then leave it there for a few hours to collect plant-water.

Food Search

The next survival priority you need is to find food. When talking about wilderness survival tricks learned from Africans you will think, hunting, wild game processing, and edible plants scavenging. Hunting is an ancient art, and in a survival situation, you should learn how to hunt without any type of firearms. Learning how to make a bow and arrow, or learn how to build a spear or even a slingshot. While hunting, you will also need to learn how to lay traps, snares bird traps, lures and baits, while also learning how to skin an animal too is essential. Ancient African tribes used to eat leaves, roots, fruits, wild grain.

Fire Making with natural sources

You have to learn the different methods for making fire using natural resources and you will learn how to build and sustainable camp-fire.

Staying Safe in the Wild

Africa is a place populated by dozens of species of wild animals, some of them carnivorous, hence knowing how to shelter themselves from various animals and stampedes of animals is an essential skill to learn for Africans. So, let’s see how Africans scare off elephants, and how that skill can be used on other animals.

Even if you have no weapons, you can always use several tricks to stay on the safe side. The most effective tricks include never storing food at your campsite, at least not exposed, keeping your voice down and always keeping a fire burning on the premises.

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