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In this article we want to show you which pocket survival items you will find the most useful in case of some sort of survival situation.

Lipstick for survival

Almost every woman you know who owns a purse you know has at least one lipstick in her own purse.   So how does a lipstick help you in a survival situation?   You can use a lipstick to write your rescue message.  You can use it as a lubricant.  A Barter, sunscreen, lip balm and also waterproofing small items like matches.

Keys for survival

A key may be used for other things instead of just survival, it can be made into a weapon.  Putting the key in between your fingers while forming a fist can do serious damage.  The key must be flat between your fingers. If you have the teeth facing your skin you’ll do damage to yourself, too.  You can also use a key to scratching messages so you can leave a message for somebody, a key will scratch concrete, wood and even glass.


Condoms have many uses and take up very little space so keep some on hand.  They can be used as water containers.   Condoms can hold up to two liters of water if you handle them correctly.  They are so delicate and can easily break, so its best when adding water , use a sock to protect it and give it stability.     Keeping your matches or tinder dry. Just be careful not to break the condom and your stuff will be ready for a fire when you are.  A condom is extremely flammable and will burn hot for several moments just long enough to get your fire going.  Condoms can be used as an elastic band to make a slingshot.  You can use them as rubber gloves.   Can be used to protect the muzzle of your weapon when crossing streams of wading through mud.


The absorbent cotton tied to a string can be used to packing wounds, Stopping nosebleeds – particularly effective if you spray them with a bit of Afrin before stuffing them up there.  Use tampons to stop bleeding or Filter water.    Can be used as a candle wick. Just lay it in your fat, oil, sap or wax and leave the string sticking out to light.
A tampon string consists of several pieces of 4-6” string. That can be useful!

Hand Mirror

A hand mirror can be very useful.  You can check signaling, using the sun.  You can start a fire.  A Mirror can be used as a weapon, when you have a broken sharp edge.   You can cut rope with a mirror.

Bank Cards

Bank cards are just pieces of plastic when you think about it. They do have many uses though thus don’t ditch them when you run.  Removing stingers. Just slide the card in the opposite direction than the stinger went in and it will pull it right out. Starting a fire. They’re flammable and will burn for a few moments .  To cover a sucking wound: tape it down securely over the wound and it’s just as good, or better than, plastic wrap.  Finger splint: cut it in half lengthways and tape it to either side of your finger
As you can see, there are many uses for the things that you carry around with you daily other than just the uses that they were made for!  To find items such as these, check out our survival store by clicking here.

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