How To Build Your DIY Basic Bushcraft Kit Leave a comment

Bushcraft is related to surviving using your special skill set and your knowledge using other things with a less focus on equipment and technology. Having good bushcraft knowledge can often prove that less is really more.

Here are a list of the bare essentials you’d need to facilitate:

Fire Starting ability
The Bushcraft Bag

Usually Bushcraft experts can do just about anything they need with just a knife and a fire starter of some sort. However sometimes your clothes become the bushcraft kit bag and it could get uncomfortable. You can’t walk around everywhere wearing the same clothes.

Leather bags were the traditional choice but a good leather bag is not cheap. However, there are many other inexpensive alternatives that will work just as well and can sometimes be obtained for next to nothing. For more alternative sources on building your own bushcraft bag, click here to visit our resource page at our store.

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