Decrease page load times, increase performance and boost traffic

  • Speed up your responsive site
  • Boost your Google PageSpeed and site traffic
  • Increase mobile conversions

cheetahBoost Performance

Dramatically decrease page load time.
Please your users, increase conversion rates and engagement metrics.

PageSpeedHigher PageSpeed Score

Boost your Google Page Speed Insights score to 65 or higher.
A score of 65 or higher will give you a higher rank in search results pages, which means more mobile traffic.

CombileFilesCombines JS and CSS files

Combine all your JavaScript files and CSS files in to one file, while ensuring everything works as intended. One single file is smaller and loads faster than multiple files.

compress2Optimizes Images

Images are automatically compressed and optimized for mobile users, and delivered in the correct size for each user’s screen from closest of 28 different data-centers around the globe.

Seamless integration with your current website


5 minute implementation.

Simply paste a small JavaScript tag that we provide in to your existing website to go live.

No API or back-end access required.