bloom noun

  1. the flower of a plant; blossom.
  2. state of having buds open.
  3. a flourishing, healthy
    condition, the time or
    period of greatest beauty,


In Bloom is Northwest Indiana’s premier special-event floral design firm. Our key objective is to blend artistry with the skills necessary to create exceptionally beautiful flower arrangements that touch the soul and bring to life your creative vision and style. Let our floral visionaries use the language of flowers to express what words cannot.

In addition to stunning floral arrangements, In Bloom offers table linens and chaircovers to compliment your flowers and make your wedding or event something truly special.

“Thank you so much for being such a huge part of our big day! You did amazing work; I loved every detail! There is not one thing I would change! This was the best day of my life and I am glad you were part of it!”

In Bloom also offers unique and exceptional linens to make your special day extraordinary. Please visit our LINEN SHOWROOM and explore our FABRIC SELECTOR to customize the perfect combination of table linens, chair covers, sashes and napkins in your favorite colors and styles. Let us help you transform an ordinary room into something amazingly exquisite. 

Please fill out the form located on our contact page. A consultant will then contact you to schedule an appointment, at your convenience, to discuss the flower needs for your upcoming event in more detail.