Trout to Stew

Make a good stuffing of grated bread, a bit of butter, chopped parsley, lemon peel, pepper, salt, nutmeg, savoury herbs, and the yolk of an egg, all well mixed together.

Fill the belly of the fish with this, and then put it into a stewpan with a quart of good fish stock.

Add half a pint of white wine, an onion, a little white pepper, a few cloves and a piece of lemon peel.

Stew it very gently over a slow fire, and when done, take out the fish, add to the sauce a little flour mixed in a little cream, some ketchup, and the juice of a lemon.

Let it just boil up, then strain it over your fish, and serve it up.


Taken from Duncan MacDonald, The New London Family Cook, c. 1800

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