Sturgeon to Boil and to Roast


To two quarts of water, put a pint of vinegar, a stick of horse-radish, two or three bits of lemon peel, some pepper, a bay-leaf, and a little salt.

Boil the fish from the liquor, and when the flesh appears to be ready to separate from the bones, take it up.

Melt a pound of butter, put to it an anchovy, a blade of two of mace, bruise the body of a crab in the butter, a few shrimps or crayfish, a little ketchup, and some lemon juice.

When it boils, lay the fish in the dish, and serve it with the sauce poured into tureens.

Garnish with fried oysters, scraped horse-radish, and slices of lemon.

To roast:

Put it on a lark spit, and tie it on the roasting spit.

Baste it well with butter, make a good sauce of cullis, white wine, anchovies, a squeeze of a Seville orange, and a little sugar.

Taken from Duncan MacDonald, The New London Family Cook, c. 1800

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