Roasted Swan, Crane, Pheasant and Heron


Cut a swan in the roof of the mouth toward the brain, and let him bleed. Keep the blood for chawdwyn (?entrails) – or else knot a knot on his neck, and so break his neck.

Then scald him. Draw him (gut him) and roast him even as you do a goose in all points, and serve him with chawd-wine.


let a crane blood in the mouth as you did a swan, fold up his legs, cut off his wings at the joint next to the body, draw him, wind the neck about the spit, put the bill in his breast, his sauce is to be minced with powder of ginger, vinegar and mustard.


Let a pheasant blood in the mouth as a crane, and let him bleed to death. Pull him dry, cut away his head and the neck by the body, and the legs by the knee, and put the knees in at the vent, and roast him. His sauce is sugar and mustard.


Take a heron, and let him blood as a crane. And serve him iin all points as a crane, in scalding, drawing, and cuttiing the bone of the neck away. And let the skin be on, and roast and sauce him as the crane. Break away the bone from the knee to the foot, and let the skin be on (or one or in, the manuscript was not clear)

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