Take veal, and smite it in little pieces and wash it clean. Put it into a fair pot with fair water, and let it boil together.

Take then parsely, sage, hyssop, savoury, and wash them and hew them and cast them into the flesh when it boils.

Then take powder of pepper, canel (cinnamon), cloves, maces, saffron, salt and let them boil together, with a good deal of wine with all.

And when the flesh is boiled, take it up from the broth, and let the broth cool.

When it is cold, strain yolks and whites of eggs through a strainer, and put them to the broth, so that the broth be stiff enough.

And make a fair coffin (shell) of pastry, and lay three or four pieces of flesh in the coffins.

Then take dates, prunes and cut them, and salt, and cast thereto a little powder of ginger and a little verjuice (a sauce of sour apples), and put to the broth, and salt.

Then let the coffin and the flesh bake a little.

And then put the broth in the coffins, and let them bake till they be enough.

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