Almond Hog’s Pudding

To two pounds of beef-suet or marrow, shred very small, add a pound and a half of almonds blanched, and beat very fine with rose-water, one pound of grated bread, a pound and a quarter of fine sugar, a little salt, half an ounce of mace, nutmeg, cinnamon together, twelve yolks of eggs, four whites, a pint of sack, a pint and a half of thick cream, some rose- or orange-flower-water.

Boil the cream, tie the saffron in a bag, and dip it in the cream to colour it.

First beat your eggs very well, then stir in your almonds, then the spice, salt and suet, and mix all your ingredients together.

Fill your guts but half full, put some bits of citron in the guts as you fill them, tie them up, and boil them a quarter of an hour, when they will be fit for use.


The Farmer’s Wife
or, the Complete Country Housewife
London, c. 1780

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