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Our skilled team has many decades of experience working in the hydroponic industry.  Chemistree is already vertically integrated .  We have existing relationships with the manufacturers of products required to grow cannabis from fertilizers, pots, green house systems, all the way to the final packaging, ensuring our set up and operation costs are lower than anyone else .  This major edge will also give us access to proprietary formulas and data so that we ensure we are testing ground for new technologies leading the industry along the way .Our competitive edge will not end there as we have partnered with a leading digital marketing firm and production company that currently produces a series all about the cannabis industry .With key influencers our branding and marketing will come from a genuine place .  Our founders have long-standing connection with this plant and understand this market .   At Chemistree we understand this plants significant value beyond the price of a gram. So much so, that we believe cannabis will have a positive impact on the planet .  We can boast the only true carbon neutral facility .  To solve California’s drought issue we will feed plants by drawing moisture out of the air .  This reclaiming system fueled by solar energy will be the future of Cannabis growing .