Concrete Tile Roofing

When it comes to your home, you should never have to sacrifice aesthetics for quality. A strong roof should also be visually appealing. With concrete tile roofing, you can enjoy the benefits of both looks and durability.

Concrete Shingles

Concrete tile has evolved over the years. Shingles, simulated wood shakes, lighter-weight tiles and concrete panels are being manufactured from a variety of fibre-reinforced cement products. Some are coated with plastics, enamels, or thin metals and many from recycled material. The advantages of concrete roofing vary, but generally they all have greater longevity, require minimal maintenance, offer good fire protection and are resistant to rot and insects. Their unique look can bring a distinctive beauty to any home.

About Concrete Tile Roofing

Concrete is more versatile than you might think. Many manufacturers use a variety of fibre-reinforced cement products to create simulated wood shakes, shingles, concrete panels and lighter-weight tiles. Concrete tiles are often coated with enamels, thin metals, recycled materials, and plastic.

Why Choose Concrete Tile Roofing?

Concrete tile roofs offer many advantages.

  • Greater longevity: Concrete tile roofs last at least 30–50 years.
  • Durability: You don’t have to worry about inclement weather damaging your roof.
  • Cost: Well-designed concrete can give you a similar look to slate or tile at a lower price.
  • Fire protection: As a non-flammable material, concrete guards your home from fire.
  • Resistant to rot and insect infestation: Concrete does not sustain insect life the way that many types of wood do.
  • Unique, customizable look: You can order concrete tiles designed to look like many different materials.